Body Painting & Makeup Artistry

JZino Body Art
Body Art by JoAnna Carrozzino

Better known as “JZino” because, let’s face it, you weren’t sure how to pronounce my last name anyway. Fifteen years and counting as an artist; ten years as a professional body painter. Five of said years, were spent on the road as a full time freelancer. Today, I fight for the work/art balance as a full time truck driver. My brushes are mostly retired but my portfolio remains.

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Do not send nudes!

In all seriousness, people have tried to impersonate me on social media and in classified ads, offering paid work, and requesting nude photographs of “prospective” models. DO NOT. I’m a woman, I know what a woman looks like! I will never ask for nude photographs nor will I solicit models in the classifieds. You can thank those people, they’re the main reason I maintain a portfolio website.

In other news, I’m all but retired from body art. I rarely find time for projects. When I do, I hope that we can collaborate to bring our vision to life. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

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