Hello Future Body Paint Model!

Today We’re Gonna Talk About Some Stuff. I am pretty shameless about answering questions you may be afraid to If you make it through this whole blurb and I still haven’t answered your question, please contact me directly.

Before We Go To The Studio

-The first step of any body painting project is to contact the painter. I truly need your personal input during the design process so that you will be comfortable with the artwork you will be wearing in front of the camera.
-Modesty concerns need to be communicated right off the bat! I will tailor the design to you.
-I frequently hear painters recommending that models moisturize in the days leading up to the shoot. I trust that you know your body. Try to tame dry patches ahead of time, especially during those winter months. Dry skin may be easily stained by the paint.
-If you are going to shave, it is wise to do so the evening before. Razor burn and/or irritated skin is not fun to wear or paint over.

Shoot Day

-On the day of the project, please do not apply moisturizer, tanning products, or deodorant/antiperspirant immediately before the shoot.
-You will not need to arrive with your makeup and hair done unless otherwise noted.
-Please have clean nails. They don’t have to be fancy. In case you arrive with chipped nail polish (its okay, we forget little things like that), I usually carry nail polish remover.

Model Checklist

-Loose fitting robe
– Nude/Fleshtone Thong (if applicable)
-Flip flops
-Awesome heels or other shoes for the shoot or event.
-MP3 Player (optional of course)
-Old towel or something similar to protect your car seat
-Loose/comfortable clothing that you can wear home (that you don’t mind getting paint on)
-Wallet, Keys, Cellphone! (I say that to myself every time I leave the house!)
-Optional Misc- Cellphone addicts may need to bring a charger.

We will be working together for a while. Arrive well fed and hydrated. I’m less concerned about you having to use the restroom than I am about you passing out! On that note, don’t pass out.

Ok, 90% of the time, you will be reclining while I am working but sometimes I need you to stand up. Having flip flops to protect your feet from the floor are a great idea. Incase you don’t already know- don’t lock your knees while standing for long periods of time or you will violate the strict “no passing out” policy. If you need a break, simply say so.

If at any time (and I seriously mean ANY TIME) during the painting process you are made to feel uncomfortable, please please please voice your concerns or discomfort. The same goes for the actual shoot or event. If something inappropriate is going on, you are in no way obligated to continue. It is your right to leave!

After the Shoot

You’ve managed to make it home without trashing the car seats. Now you’re probably wondering what it is going to take to get all of this stuff off. The paint that I use will come off easily with soap and water. Taking a hot shower works best to open up the pores and loosen up the paint. If you’re having trouble, don’t scrub your skin off. That’s a terrible idea! Try baby oil, cold cream, or a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil.


What kind of paint do you use, exactly?
All of my paint is in a water activated cake form. My kit contains mostly Kryolan AquaColor (kryolan.com), Wolfe FX Hydrocolor (WolfeFX.com), and Mehron (mehron.com). These are all made with FDA Approved ingredients, and are considered Makeup Grade paints.
Will the paint rub off?
The paint is relatively smudge proof, it holds up pretty well on its own. If we’re heading outdoors I can always give you a touch of setting spray. However, it can be easy to track the paint around while you are posing. For example, you pose with your hands firmly on your painted hips, and then you touch your face. Now you have faint fingerprints on your face. Suppose you are modeling at an event with paint on your back. You lean back in a chair-­‐ Now there’s paint on the chair. The design is likely intact but you just made a mess.
How do you keep things sanitary?
Well, 90% Isopropyl Alcohol is my best friend when it comes to cleaning out my brushes. I also mist all of my paints with it after each person. When painting certain areas of the body, I use only disposables and I do not double dip. I keep my face painting palette and my body painting palettes separate.
Why do you ask models to shave?
It is easier to paint.
Allergic Reactions?
This is important. My paint and sponges are latex free. However, some pigments do contain Red 40. Please let me know if you have sensitive skin or are prone to makeup allergies. In the event of allergic reaction, the paint should be removed immediately with water only.
Modesty Supplies?
If we have already been in contact and you’ve decided to go with a fleshtone thong, I would prefer that you bought your own. I have no idea what thong size to buy; you are clearly more qualified for the thong shopping. Please go for synthetic fabrics. Cotton is really hard to paint over. If I know you require pasties ahead of time, I will order awesome ones specifically for body painting. If I don’t get a heads up, I’ll grab some cheap breast petals from the local store.
Will I be able to use the restroom?
What if I get my period? (Obviously applies to female nude projects.)
If you would rather reschedule, we can reschedule. If you want a fleshtone thong, we get a fleshtone thong. In cases where I am traveling from city to city, rescheduling may be difficult. I may have to catch you on my next trip. I completely understand and I’m open to rescheduling.
Why do you want my contact number and why do you want me to have yours?
First of all, you can call or text me anytime. Secondly, I want to be able to tell you if I’m running behind and I would appreciate it if you did the same. There are times when I am painting more than one model in a given day. Its great to be able to shoot you a text and let you know you’ve got an extra half hour to make it to the studio, if that’s the case.

Word to the Wise Always check references and always read a model release before you sign it! I’m so glad that you have taken the time to read this! You are a dedicated model and I look forward to meeting and working with you!