There are some questions you want to ask yourself before you go hunting. Do you want the cover-ups to be noticeable? How much are you willing to spend? Here are some things to look for in modesty supplies:

The Right Material

You’ll want synthetics. Cotton will wick the moisture out of your paint and not in a good way. Your paint will dust off of the surface as soon as it dries. (You may have a different experience with alcohol based paints but I can’t tell you because I haven’t tried it.) That’s why swim tops and bottoms usually work out much better. Yes, synthetic is better but watch out for shiny silicone products. I don’t care for the way silicone takes paint, like the kind found on some nipple covers and stick-on bras, so I won’t bother listing them here. For those that feel differently, you can easily find them at a local Victoria’s Secret or order online from Target.

Don’t Over Pay

Even if it says reusable, do you really think you’re going to get more than one use out of it? Chances are HIGH that the paint will just stain the surface, especially with Wolfe FX. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel very professional applying an obviously used nipple cover to a model, no matter how well I sanitized it. That being said, do you really want to pay $10 for one pair of breast petals? Yes, if they’re the perfect finishing touch and the project calls for it. If it’s worth doing, its worth overdoing, right?

There are super cheap flesh-toned “breast petals” on Amazon, that’s usually what I go with. The texture grabs the paint well and they are obvious, in situations where you want the modesty items to be “obvious”. (See above)

Are you painting over bras and bathing suit tops? You’re not getting those back and you need to be factoring these into your expenses. Sometimes, you gotta make it work (see above). Don’t forget to try the thrift shops. You’ll find bikini tops and nude bras with the tags still on them, trust me.


ProShields– Available from ProKnows and sometimes through SillyFarm.

Silly Farm usually has decent selection of modesty options. It was through them that I discovered Monster Pasties. They are a second-skin style nipple cover that lays perfectly flat and takes paint well. Basically, you can’t see it (see above). I upset a lot of people at Cirque de la Mode when they couldn’t tell from a distance that my model was not violating obscenity laws. I’m not sorry. I clarified in advance whether or not the pasties needed to be noticeable. So, that’s how good they are. You’ll piss people off.

Looking for something flashy? Pastease may be a good fit. I always wanted an excuse to use something burlesque like work of GothFox or ThePlayfulPear.

Nude Stick-on bras by BareNecessities for the ultra conservative events. Sometimes these are silicone and sometimes they’re fabric. No matter what, it’s going to look like a bra. I’ve seen events request modesty coverage that is obvious so these may be a good fit in place of a full on bikini top. Also, have you ever tried finding a bikini top out of season? Have fun with that.

I no longer have a link for bottoms. All of your big-box stores now carry seamless synthetic panties in multiple colors. If you’re bored, google “merkins” for fun.